Accessibility Patterns for the Web

This site contains all working examples for the book eBay MIND Patterns - Accessibility Patterns for the Web.

The MIND Patterns are not a visual design system or a CSS framework (à la Bootstrap) - they are instead intended to complement those systems & tools with accessibility guidance.

Each example demonstrates our recommended semantic markup, keyboard interaction design and ARIA roles, states & properties for assistive technology.

Each pattern follows a progressive enhancement strategy (where applicable) and aims to conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA.


These patterns will assist the frontend developer with accessibility, but are not considered to be final, production ready code.

All patterns leave additional steps to complete. This typically means any CSS styling and JavaScript behaviour that is not specifically related to core functionality or accessibility.


Accessibility testing is performed with latest versions of:

NOTE: We do not support Internet Explorer 10 and below; this allows us more time to focus on accessibility matters, rather than cross-browser issues.